The Sand Experience

The Sand Experience
The Sand Experience

Walking up to play their next shot out of a sand trap, most golfers will have a feeling of either bewilderment or fear as to how they are going to get the ball out but it shouldn’t be like that.

It should be the easiest shot you play in a round.

Wondering why on earth I am saying that?


Come to my next Sand experience and find out for yourself!

The Sand Experience is a 90 minute long group coaching session that takes a look at the following:


The basic action you need to develop to get out of the sand first time, every time. 

(Yes, you read that right!)

What the main differences are in your wedges that allow you to play sand shots effortlessly.

How to adjust for different length and height sand shots.

How to get out of buried lies, hard sand and really soft sand.

You will also get the opportunity to answer any other questions that you may have around playing sand shots during The Sand Experience.

The final thing, if you aren’t convinced yet………………

How to create the confidence that you need to approach all sand shots with.

The next Sand Experience will be:

Sometime later in May

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