The Putting Workshop

The Putting Workshop
The Putting Workshop

The Putting Workshop.


Putting accounts for around 40% of a golfers score!

Yes, that’s right – 40% of your score is made on the putting green.

This makes putting an extremely vital part of the game of golf but very few golfers ever putt well, simply through not having learnt the basic skills needed to be able to putt well.

Why do I say that?

Come to The Putting Workshop and find out for yourself!

The Putting Workshop is a 90 minute long group coaching session that takes a look at the following:

The basic action you need to develop to hit all of your putts with.

How to get the distance of your putts right every time.

How to adjust for uphill and downhill slopes.

How to predict the path your putt will take to the hole (you may know this as ‘reading the green’.

How changing one simple thing with the way you aim can dramatically increase the number of putts you get in.

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