The Psychology of Putting Workshop

The Psychology of Putting Workshop
The Psychology of Putting Workshop

The Psychology of Putting Workshop


This two hour long workshop takes a look at the dominant and critical role that your mind plays in allowing you to putt well on the golf course.

Or more commonly for most golfers…………………….

The role that their mind plays in keeping them frustrated with their putting as they continue to repeat the same mistakes on the golf course, over and over again.

Have you ever wondered why your putting is so inconsistent?

Is your head full of different thoughts as to what you are supposed to do when putting?

Do you struggle to recover from ‘missed putts’ or ‘three putts’?

Is frustration and anger a common part of your experience on the greens?

Do you struggle to putt well when it’s a ‘big event’?

You aren’t alone if you experience any or all of those things listed above.

During the workshop you will discover the answers to all of those problems, while developing a new sense of excitement for your putting.


Here’s what one golfer found after taking part recently:

The Putting Psychology workshop has taught me that  I can now go out and play with more confidence having learnt techniques to deal with challenging situations that might arise on the greens!

Thanks for your help Ian.



The next Psychology of Putting  Workshop will be held in early 2019 – you can make sure that you get a spot by paying online here.


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