How good a coach are you!!!

Hello Ian,
Back to my home course starting with two 88s, followed by a forgettable round due to a change in meds by my doctor.
Then came yesterday……..aged 84 I shot an 82 (see card below)!
The “8” was caused by a lost ball penalty (tree devoured ball), the 7 was a rush of blood and there are two 3 putts in there as well.
All in all, 14 holes of real golf and just 4 to keep working on.
The dreaded I.C. was absent, gladly, thanks to you!
If you need to show any of your pupils (or potential pupils) what effect you have with your teaching, feel free to show them the card.
In reality, 3 rounds of golf after your expertise was applied.
Again, thank you so much.
I have been coming to see Ian for a few years now and every time he shows his skills, patience and understanding and puts my game back together again. The only problem I have with this arrangement, is that he lives in Tauranga and I live in Whangarei and my memory isn’t as long as it used to be !! After playing golf for over 70 years and been coached by several good teachers, experience tells me he’s best.
                              Malcolm Burrell.       Whangarei

Losing confidence in most aspects of my golf game, I was just about ready to give up.

I’ve now had three lessons with Ian and today after having an 87 with a pick up on one

hole I feel my confidence and potential is starting to return.

Ian’s knowledge is extensive and he keeps it simple and with simple drills to practice my golf

has started to improve. Chipping was the worst part of my game and I have saved a lot of

shots in recent games to give myself a chance of a one putt.

If you are looking for golf lessons I have no hesitation in recommending Ian .

Thanks Ian for all your help and look forward to future lessons.

Regards Rachel


When I went to Ian about my game falling apart, i was on a 22.4 handicap, having gained around 4 strokes in  the last few months. I am a once a week golfer generally, and I had become disillusioned a bit with the game. With just one lesson Ian showed me how to set up to have a more consistent swing. In the space of 2 weeks I have lost 2 strokes off my handicap and look likely to lose another 2 this week. Amazing how by going to a professional like Ian he can make such a dramatic difference to my game. It makes me so much more confident in my swing that I know it was money well spent. My handicap will be 18.7  less than 3 weeks after seeing Ian.
I highly recommend having lessons with Ian
Regards Matt McMahon

I’ve been having lessons with Ian for two months now and in a short space of time (5 lessons) my golf game has improved thanks to Ian’s straight forward approach.  Ian presents information in a clear and concise manner, without overloading the mind with technical information that in the past has lead to confusion and frustration.  The concepts Ian presents have quite quickly been bedded into my new golf swing and importantly, I feel I understand my swing a lot better than I have in the past.  Although I spend time practising, Ian doesn’t prescribe hours of ball-bashing to get the benefits.  My scores are still variable, however I am shooting lower scores more regularly than in the past and therefore see improvement on the course.  Overall, I am delighted to have found Ian as he shares my ambitious goal of achieving a much reduced playing handicap and I’m confident his concepts and processes will help me get there.

A. S.

JT testimonial

I have had a number of lessons with Ian and have found him thought provoking. Ian has suggested a number of ideas for me to work on and they have been very helpful. He has at times presented ideas that I have found to be contrary to what I thought was the right way. This had me thinking and as a result I came up with my own solution. However I would not have come to this without Ian’s assistance. I wish him well in his future role as a teaching Golf Professional and I will continue to use his services.










vivs testimonial

Ian’s note: the pink elephant on the top of Viv’s Testimonial comes from one of the most read articles on my Golf Habits website that really struck a chord with Viv – read it here if you haven’t already.




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