Supervised Practice

All golfers know they should practice but how should they do it?

If they do practice, is what they are doing useful and effective?


Often, what golfers think is the right thing to do is damaging their golf game- which is where Supervised Practice with Ian comes in.

Supervised Practice is something that might sound odd to most golfers but it’s exactly what top golfers do most of the time.

Having a golf coach observe your practice sessions will allow you to maximise the practice session and as a result, improve your golf game in the way you think it should.

Supervised Practice has very little to do with how you physically hit your golf shots, as it’s focus is on how you are able to create on-course confidence through practicing effectively.

Rapid improvement is often the result, as golfers really find out how to apply the power of practicing to their golf game .


(A minimum of 3 sessions is required to be purchased to begin with)

If you would like to know more or aren’t sure what would suit you best please contact me here or

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