Playing Lessons

Playing lessons are in an incredibly fast way to improve your scores on the golf course

As long as you have already spent some time with me on the practice area or range to make sure that your golf action is working consistently first

Unless of course you are one of those golfers who is told by everyone that you play with ‘ how well you should be scoring – considering how well you hit the golf ball’

In which case a playing lesson is exactly what you need as opposed to any other type of lesson

Mainly because a playing lesson is all about the golfer taking it – discovering how to use what skills they have to produce good shots from different situations on any given golf hole

Something that a lot of golfers would probably classify as course management

A good playing lesson will involve a discussion or two about how to play a hole in the simplest way possible for the golfer using the skills they have

A good playing lesson will also normally feature a shot or two from a trouble situation – to enable the golfer to understand and see how many options they generally have – as well as which option is going to be the most effective for them in that situation

Now you might be thinking that this sort of lesson would take longer and cost more than a standard golf lesson

But you would be wrong – it can neatly be fitted into an hour using a golf cart

Which means with me – it costs the same as every other lesson I do

It really is an extremely worthwhile thing to do as it’s all very well being able to hit good shots on the practice area or at the driving range

The difference between an average golfer and a good golfer is the ability to apply those shots to real situations on the golf course

Which you would be surprised to learn – a lot of golfers aren’t sure of doing – even though they may have played the game for many years

Is an exceptionally useful thing to do – assuming of course that you want to

Play well

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Current price is NZD $75 per session which is approx 50 – 60 minutes in duration