On Course Coaching

This is a coaching option that approximately half of the golfers that I teach take, as it focuses on how to apply the golfers skills towards playing better golf and as a result ending up with lower scores – as opposed to improving technique and not getting any better – which is a common thing that golfers experience with other forms of teaching.

I highly recommend it, as a great way to quickly improve not only your scoring but also, your overall understanding of the game of golf.


Play 9 holes with Ian, plus one hour coaching $225*

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Play 18 holes with Ian, plus one hour coaching $375*

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*green fees / cart and equipment hire are extra costs – if applicable.

*The hour of coaching can be taken prior to the game, after the game or on another day that suits. 

*On course coaching can be shared with one or two other players if you’d like but be aware you’ll be sharing the hour of coaching with those other players as well.

Please note that this type of coaching is based around how you play the game on the golf course and score, not the technique you use – if you are having big problems with technique – individual golf coaching is what you need first!

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