Learn Golf In One Day

Learn Golf In One Day.

Have you always said that you’d like to learn golf one day?

You know, at that point in the future where you have lots of time to really get into one of the greatest sports there is.

You’re not alone in thinking or saying that but in this busy world we live in, it’s hard to find the time for learning a game like golf.

Having to commit to multiple weeks of learning sessions, finding time to put what’s been learnt into practice, fitting things in around work or family members needs.

Then maybe it rains for one of the sessions, or the instructor is sick and everyone in the group loses a little bit of interest, maybe you got sick and missed that really important session, or possibly, the instructor wasn’t able to teach the game in such a way that you were excited to continue.

It can be really difficult to learn golf the way that most people do and you may have even tried to learn golf previously but failed due to some of those reasons above.

But that doesn’t stop the thoughts of feeling left out while your family, friends or workmates all head out to play golf – does it?

Maybe, it’s time you joined them.

Introducing the solution that can turn your thoughts of learning golf one day into reality.


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Learn Golf In One Day is a small group coaching course (usually 2 – 4 people) that takes all of the problems of traditional golf instruction away, using a unique combination of online learning and support after a single day of learning the important physical skills of the game of golf in a relaxed and fun environment.

That’s right, the important physical skills of the game are able to be learnt in a single day!


How is that possible?


Your coach for the day, Ian Hardie has spent the vast majority of the last 30 years coaching the game of golf and as a result has been able to (finally) distill down the important basics of the game of golf, so that you can Learn Golf In One Day.

Now, you’re probably thinking this isn’t possible but the one thing that makes it all work is Ian’s extensive knowledge base, combined with his unique online learning system that you will get access to prior to the day and for a month or so after the day.

Yes, that’s right – a further month or so of online learning after ‘The Day’ – to guide you along as you become a competent golfer!

Plus, unlimited email assistance during that time, to answer any questions that you may have or things that you aren’t clear on.

Effectively, Learn Golf In One day is the same as having your own personal golf coach guiding you into the game of golf for your first few weeks (but without the cost that would normally have attached).

Want to know more about Learn Golf In One Day?


The course begins with a couple of hours of online learning that introduces (or re-introduces) you to the game of golf and to some important ideas that you will need to speed up the learning process for you, as well as providing you with instructions as to what to bring, where to go and how to be prepared for ‘The Day’.

(By the way, equipment is provided at no extra cost while attending ‘The Day’ if you require it)

On ‘The Day’ Ian will cover the basics of the game from putting, chipping, the basics of hitting full shots – all the way through to how to hit the golf ball in the air – which you will be doing by around lunchtime, then going over vital things like what all the golf clubs are for and when to use them, through to applying all that you have learnt by getting out on the course to play a few holes during the last two hours of ‘The Day’.

Of course, there’s a lot more things that are covered, however it’s not an intensive day – there will be plenty of breaks and lots of variation in the things you will be shown.

As you would have read above, it doesn’t end there though, as once you have completed ‘The Day’ you will then receive a further month or so of online learning, activities and support to help guide you along the path to becoming a competent golfer.

Yes, that’s right – a further month or so of online learning and guidance from Ian – to assist you as you start to really play the game of golf!

Wondering how much all this will cost?

Learn Golf In One Day starts from only $399 per person for a group of 4, $499 per person for a group of 3 and $649 per person for a group of 2 or if you’d rather learn entirely on your own – I also have a single person option of $1099.

Please note, that although I’m suggesting a limit of 4 people at a time, to ensure that everyone learns as much as they need to during the day – larger groups can be accommodated from time to time – you can ask about that or any other questions you may have by emailing Ian here.


When can I Learn Golf in One Day?

As there are variations as to group size, the day of the week that you might want to have it on and different time-frames as to when you might want to Learn Golf In One Day – rather than setting specific dates, it’s going to be easier for you to simply contact Ian and he can work out the best option with you.

Especially, if you would like to join a group of others to do it with.

Maybe you already have a group who’d like to Learn on the same day with you?

Or you may have a corporate golf day coming up and you don’t want to feel as embarrassed as last year with your spectacular lack of ability.

The possibilities are too numerous to list but one things for sure – in a year or so’s time.

You’ll be glad you made the effort to Learn Golf In One Day!

Please note, it’s also possible in some cases, for Ian to come to your area to help you to Learn Golf In One Day, if you aren’t that close to where he is usually based in Tauranga / Mount Maunganui.


Please email Ian here to start a conversation about Learn Golf In One Day.


Location Omanu Golf Club, 98 Matapihi Road, Mount Maunganui Phone 0272222073 (txt is ok) or at Omanu Golf Club Pro Shop (07) 575 5957 E-mail ian@golfhabits.com Hours Coaching Times: Monday - All Day, Tuesday - All Day, Wednesday - Morning, Thursday - Afternoon, Friday - Sometimes, Saturday - Afternoon, Sunday - Rarely.
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