Group Coaching

Most people look to do group sessions as they are a lower cost option to start the game or work on a specific part (not all areas can be covered in group sessions) of their game and while I do offer them from time to time – group lessons may not actually suit what you need.

Take a look at these two articles from my Golf Habits website that explain the differences:

Whats the difference between individual and group golf lessons?

Whats the difference between individual and group golf lessons – part two?

That said, from time to time, I do offer group coaching in the following areas of the game:

New to the game or Returning to the game

Basic Putting, Practical Putting and Advanced Putting

Basic Chipping, Practical Chipping and Advanced Chipping

Basic Pitching, Practical Pitching and Advanced Pitching

Basic Sand Shots, Practical Sand Shots and Advanced Sand Shots

Group coaching varies in cost depending on numbers and the length of the session.


Interested in coming to one of my group coaching sessions?


They sell out fast, as they are released to golfers on my mailing list before being made public.

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