Golf Lesson Advice

Most golfers ask for a single golf lesson

Expecting it to provide long lasting improvement.

But the reality is that most golfers require a bit more than a single lesson

And depending on what they want to do with their game

It’s probably more likely to be quite a few lessons.

So to make it easy for you to figure out exactly what you need I have created the following “threads”

They are not ‘packages’ – designed to get your money up front – hoping you won’t come back

And none of them involve any discount

As I have an absolute but simple – single price policy.

Everyone pays the same amount of money for the same amount of time.

The threads are guidelines to help you decide what improvement you want to commit to.

Why do that you ask?

I have found over the many years I have been a golf teacher

That the golfers who have consistently shown the best improvement

Were the ones who understood that while a single lesson won’t hurt anyone

It generally doesn’t exactly help most golfers either.

It normally takes a few lessons

And a bit of time to effect lasting improvement in most golfers

Which is obviously what you want

Otherwise you would have stopped reading this by now

So look down the following list of the most common threads

Some of which have catchy names

Not all of them involve hitting shots or dealing with technique

As golf is a much larger game than that

Just note that even though they all have an estimated number of sessions that it will take

The actual amount required will vary from golfer to golfer

Click on each one’s link to learn more

I could play golf when I first started

Effective putting

Short game makeover

Delete the yips

Golf Performance

Deleting the shanks

Effective practice

Playing Lessons

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