Golf Coaching

Golf Coaching.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how I structure my Golf Coaching over the last few months and as a result, have come up with what I believe to be the best way to deliver my transformational message to as many golfers as possible, going forward.

And yes, I did just describe my Golf Coaching as transformational!

Anyway, let’s face it, there’s no two golfers in the world the same are there?

In the past, I’ve offered the traditional ‘single golf coaching session’ (that a lot of people still do) and then suggested that the best way for golfers who wanted a deeper level of engagement with me after that session, was for them to pick from whichever multi-session package they thought might work (or could afford at the time).

However, I’m not sure that was the best way to help all of them with their golf game.

Now, while I will still do the odd ‘single golf coaching session’, for the golfers who are used to learning that way – just looking at a single problem or part of the golf game each time.

My 30 plus years, experience of coaching golfers to play the best golf they can has led me to the point where if you are a golfer who really wants to improve your golf game.

It’s going to require a more modern approach than the average golfers “fix my slice in one lesson please” view of what golf coaching is.

Which is why I fully believe, that the best way forward for most golfers will be my new Coaching Plus offering.

Even better, it doesn’t matter whether you are able to get your golf coaching in-person or whether you use my new Coaching Plus Online service from basically, anywhere in the world.

Using a unique combination of technology, experience and a vast collection of knowledge about the game of golf – I’m now able to help you with your golf game with a level of support that I never thought would be possible.

Plus a level of support and improvement in your golf game, that you are unlikely to have experienced.

Here’s a simple but important fact, that I’ve observed over the years.

The golfers who gain the most improvement from golf coaching, are the ones that end up working on all aspects of their golf game (including mental coaching) over a sustained period of time.

Sure, a ‘one off’ session on something like chipping or driving will help in some way but in my experience, the golfers that need help with their chipping.

Also need help with their putting, their sand shots, their full shots, sand shots……………not to mention, the fact that almost every golfer around the world could benefit from a pretty sizeable amount of Mental Golf Coaching.

Sound interesting?

If you are able to catch up with me in-person – you can find out more about Coaching Plus here.

If you aren’t able to get to me in-person but would love to have me help to transform your golf game, regardless of where you live in the world – you can find out more about Coaching Plus Online here.

If you are thinking about buying the type of golf coaching above for someone as a gift (and you aren’t needing it right away) I’d suggest the best thing to do is to contact me here, so I can guide you as to the most suitable thing.


Location Omanu Golf Club, 98 Matapihi Road, Mount Maunganui Phone 0272222073 (txt is ok) or at Omanu Golf Club Pro Shop (07) 575 5957 E-mail [email protected] Hours Coaching Times: Monday - Morning, Tuesday - Afternoon, Wednesday - Afternoon, Thursday - Afternoon, Friday - Not Available, Saturday - Afternoon, Sunday - Not Available.
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