Frequently Asked Questions


What to bring for a golf session?

For almost all golf sessions, you will need to bring all of your golf clubs in your golf bag (if you don’t have any, please let Ian know and he can find a club or two for you to start with) your golf trundler or cart if doing an on course session and as most sessions are conducted somewhere on the Omanu Golf Course, you will need to follow the Omanu Golf Club Dress Code – you can find that right here.

Obviously, as golf is an outdoor game and most of Ian’s sessions are a minimum of 1 hour, things like hats, sunscreen, water and snacks are a good idea to bring – if in doubt – ask, as there is no such thing as a dumb question!

Where do I come for the session?

You can find the Omanu Golf Club location in the Google Maps box (to the left) most sessions start from the Proshop (unless I have told you otherwise) which is the first part of the building you will see when you walk towards the clubhouse from the carpark.

What if it’s raining?

Having had more than 30 years experience in the outdoor game of golf, Ian is fairly good at assessing the weather, while being aware that you are unlikely to get the most out of your session if the weather is making you uncomfortable.

If he feels it would be better to reschedule your session, Ian will contact you as soon as possible on the morning of the session to do that.

What to do if you need to reschedule?

Things happen, especially after you make a commitment to do something at a specific time on a specific day!

Usually, Ian will have no problem in moving your session to another day or time but just be aware, that from time to time his calendar gets pretty full, so it may well be a week or two before he can fit you in if you have to reschedule.

What to do after your session.

Usually, Ian will give you some guidance near the end of your session as to what he would like you to do, to get the most benefit from the session  – whether that be you sitting down somewhere quiet and writing a few notes out to then send to Ian for checking (he can tell you why it’s not the other way round if you are wondering!) putting a practice drill or some other sort of technique into action or simply sending him an image your next few scorecards via the edufii app for him to look at.

Whatever, it is – the better you follow it, the faster you will improve!

One last thing…………….

If in doubt ask – there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Golf Coaching Tauranga / Mount Maunganui, New Zealand