Ian uses edufii to connect directly to all of his students.


During a coaching session he will use Edufii to record important points with either a photo or a video, add a commentary or use the video analysis tools to explain things to you and the afterwards you can both use it to share notes, ask questions*, upload your scorecards for each round, send you a practice drill, track your progress and even organise your next session.

It’s an online or mobile app that is a cross between Facebook, Dropbox and Youtube that allows you to have one on one private communication with your coach.

When you are first invited onto it by Ian, there will be a short video waiting for you on your personal edufii page to explain how to use this extrememly useful coaching tool.

What’s Ian’s definition of fair use* when it comes to the edufii app?

It’s more about boundaries really as I don’t mind how many questions a student asks as long as they are learning – the one big rule I have is to respect personal and time boundaries.

Which means, if Ian is having a few days off or you have a pressing question that popped into your head at 3am – don’t expect Ian to answer you until he is working again– that’s fair enough right?

Golf Coaching Tauranga / Mount Maunganui, New Zealand