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Is your golf based on other golfer’s false ideas?


As I have written about a few times before, I spend a fair bit of time while I’m coaching golfers, working on the mental aspects of the game of golf.

Mainly because most golfers’ problems with hitting the golf shots they’d like to on the golf course – are actually caused from their thoughts and habitual actions that they have created over the years.

You might want to read that bit again to make sure you have it.

Usually, during the first few coaching sessions that I have with someone new, I spend a lot of time clearing their brains of a bunch of useless and generally contradictory advice.

That they have been given by other golfers while playing the game over the years, not to mention all the stuff that they seem to watch on You Tube these days, which when they try and apply it to their golf game.

Usually makes them play worse, as you may well be aware.

I don’t think that the other golfers giving advice are purposely trying to make them do that, it’s just that they happily pass on any bit of information that sounds even remotely useful without ever pausing to consider whether it’s really something that will help or whether it’s even based on facts that can be demonstrated and explained.

Now, before you think that this article doesn’t apply to you because you have played golf for a long time or you are a good player already, I’m going to tell a little story I heard some years back that may get you thinking a bit.

It’s about a guy who had been married for some years and as is the tradition with a lot of families around the world, on a special occasion a lamb roast was a big part of the meal, as it was to be on this particular day.

As he watched his wife cut the end off of the lamb roast while preparing it for the oven, which was something she had done many times before when roasting it.

He felt the urge to ask her why she cut the end of the lamb roast off before putting it into the roasting dish and subsequently into the oven, as to him it looked as good as the rest of the roast.

She replied simply that ‘her mother always did that’.

Having been married for a while our guy was smart enough to leave the conversation there.

However, a few weeks later the couple were having dinner with his wife’s parents and as it was another special occasion lamb roast was going to be served with the end of the roast cut off first of course.

Sensing a chance to find out exactly why this happens, our guy asks his mother in law why she cuts the ends off the lamb roast?

She replies ‘because my mother always used to’.

Two identical answers to the same question had the guy starting to think that there was obviously some very old and wise reason for cutting the end off the lamb roast first.

Much in the same manner, that most golfers will listen to another golfer or two who seem like they have more experience or knowledge, when they suggest some great tip or helpful hint on the golf course.

Anyway, back to our guy and the lamb roast.

Even though his wife has told him that she does it because her mother did it and her mother then told him exactly the same thing as her mother did it, he wasn’t convinced he had the full story so he suggests, that he might accompany his wife on her next visit to see Grandma.

The day finally arrives and while chatting over a cup of tea with Grandma, our guy manages to casually slip into the conversation about how good he thinks his wife is at cooking lamb roasts but then quickly adds that he is puzzled at why both she and her mother cut the end off first.

‘What’s the special reason that the end of the roast needs to be cut off first for?’

“Why that’s quite simple” replies Grandma.

“I have only got a small roasting dish”.

Take a few minutes to think about your golf and whether or not any of the information and ideas that you use to ‘improve your game’ may have come to you in a similar fashion from other golfers.

Golfers who based their advice on something like ‘Grandma’s small roasting dish’.

As opposed to tried and tested knowledge that can be not only explained simply but also demonstrated by the person who is helping you.

Want some help with your golf game regardless of where you live?

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Play well



Ian Hardie is Golfer Pacific’s Golf Professional contributor. He is Club Professional at Omanu Golf Club in Mount Maunganui. Ian’s time is split between the pro shop at the club and helping people to improve, while enjoying their golf more as a result of his golf coaching. Over the past few years, in an effort to help as many golfers as he can, Ian has been sharing his common sense golf advice with golfers around the world through his website golfhabits.com. With over 500 articles to read, it’s a great resource for any golfer looking to improve their golf game.

Location Omanu Golf Club, 98 Matapihi Road, Mount Maunganui Phone 0272222073 (txt is ok) or at Omanu Golf Club Pro Shop (07) 575 5957 E-mail ian@golfhabits.com Hours Coaching Times: Monday - All Day, Tuesday - All Day, Wednesday - Morning, Thursday - Afternoon, Friday - Sometimes, Saturday - Afternoon, Sunday - Rarely.
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