Coaching Plus Online.

Welcome to the first step in transforming your golf game regardless of where you are in the world!

(If you aren’t sure what I mean by that, you can read about it here.)


What is Coaching Plus Online?

Using a unique combination of technology, experience and my vast collection of knowledge about the game of golf – I’m now able to help you with your golf game with a level of support that I never thought would be possible and as a result.

The relationship between me (the coach) and you (the student) will be something that you are unlikely to have ever experienced, not to mention how it will help your improvement in your golf game.


What’s the technology?

We’ll both be collaborating using an app called CoachNow (it works on smartphones, tablets or computers) to create your ongoing learning record, take videos or use video analysis when we need to, chat about your game in general, share files or scorecards, put drills or practices on when needed.

There’s a lot of possibilities!

You can find out more about the CoachNow app below (just be aware, the videos are aimed at coaches but you’ll get the idea of how it’s going to work by the end):

Of course, if you’d rather we can use email, skype, WhatsApp or some other form of communication but once you see CoachNow in action, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that is far superior.

As long as you keep getting coaching from me, you have access to the entire record of what we’ve done over that time.

It’s a really powerful way to improve your golf game.


What about the Golf Coaching?

This is where Coaching Plus Online is really going to make a difference to your golf game.

First up, because it’s going to be fairly likely that you have never had coaching from me before (hopefully, you will have read some of my articles on Golf Habits or a few of my books though!) we are going to have an initial session that’s a bit different from other online golf coaches you might have tried or heard of.

This session will allow me to make sure that I fully understand the history of your golf game, evaluate your current challenges, talk through your hopes for your golf in the future and do a full equipment assessment of your golf equipment – including the golf ball you use.

Yes, it’s that in-depth!

Part of that initial session will be done by you though, through taking some video of you hitting a shot or two (maybe three), in all the main areas of the game.

Putts, chips, pitches, sand shots, full shots, alignment, pre-shot routine, driving, fairway woods (beware, that I may ask for further shots or whatever else I feel I need to see on video after you do your first ones for me.

And, if it’s possible, it would be great if you could get someone to go onto the golf course with you, to get some video of you playing a hole or two.

By the way, I’ll hook you into the CoachNow app and give you some further instructions before you start all that, so that every one of your videos.

Will instantly be sitting in your CoachNow app for you to look at afterwards!

After that, as you can imagine, it will take me a bit of time to review all of the information and the videos that you provide and come up with two important things.

The first will be your ongoing, prioritised improvement plan.

In other words, what we need to do together over whatever time-frame I think it will take to transform your golf game.

I will then contact you either by email or using the CoachNow app to go over your prioritised improvement plan and we’ll discuss your next steps at that time which will include an estimate of how many months it will take to get to the target we agree upon to get the improvement that you are after.

No more endless golf lessons to see if something good happens!

In effect, I will be guiding your improvement using whatever I think is most necessary at the time using experience and my vast collection of knowledge about the game of golf to get you to where you would like to be with your golf game.

The second thing you will get from that initial session, is your first online coaching session which will be working on whatever part of your golf game seems most important to me from the information that you’ve given me.


How much is this going to cost?

The initial session, coaching, access to the coaching app and the resulting improvement plan will be an upfront cost of $297

The cost of Coaching Plus after the initial session has two options.

A $197 monthly fee that will include one coaching session, the ability to review all your stuff on the app, weekly check-ins from me to see how you are progressing and unlimited questions.

(There will be a few rules around that, such as not in the middle of the night, not being able to answer immediately if I’m coaching, limitations due to time-zones – that sort of thing). 

Or, if you’d rather do the majority of the work yourself, a $97 each time for one coaching session on whatever part of the game you would like to work on – which will include the ability to review all your stuff on the app and ask me limited questions (with a minimum of one session every three months to keep your CoachNow access going).

I know which one, will be more effective but at the end of the day it will be up to you.

Committing to the ongoing monthly coaching fee will help you to really get on with what you need to do to transform your golf game in the time-frame we agree to do that over.

It’s up to you now – are you ready to transform your golf game?

Please fill out this form to get things underway.


Location Omanu Golf Club, 98 Matapihi Road, Mount Maunganui Phone 0272222073 (txt is ok) or at Omanu Golf Club Pro Shop (07) 575 5957 E-mail [email protected] Hours Coaching Times: Monday - Morning, Tuesday - Afternoon, Wednesday - Afternoon, Thursday - Afternoon, Friday - Not Available, Saturday - Afternoon, Sunday - Not Available.
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