My Golf Coaching Gift Vouchers have no expiry date, so they can be used at any time.

It’s a really simple process to pay for my Gift Vouchers – once the payment has been processed, you (or the person you forward it onto if it’s a gift) will receive an email receipt with a PDF download of the voucher as well as instructions as to how to book the coaching sessions with me.

Want to get started with a single one hour coaching session?

One Golf Coaching Session


The next voucher can be used for two separate one hour sessions or for my most popular on-course coaching session – a 2 hour long one. It’s also a good starting point for a golfer I’ve never worked with before who’d like to really begin working on their golf game.

Two Golf Coaching Sessions


Hmm, I really should have thought more about this before starting on the descriptions but I’m sure you can guess that this can be used for 3 separate hours or one, three hour long session.

Three Golf Coaching Sessions


I’m sure you are getting the idea by now.

Four Golf Coaching Sessions


Same with this one.

Five Golf Coaching Sessions


Oh, this ones a little different – 6 one hour sessions can be used for a good start or complete refresh of a golfers game – it’s a fairly popular option.

Six Golf Coaching Sessions


Yeah, okay 7 is a little unusual.

Seven Golf Coaching Sessions


As is 8 to be fair.

Eight Golf Coaching Sessions


9! 9 can be used to to cover a whole day of coaching – yep, that’s right, a whole day.

Nine Golf Coaching Sessions


10 is very much like 9 but a bit longer.

Ten Golf Coaching Sessions


11 – I’m not sure why this one is even here.

Eleven Golf Coaching Sessions


12, actually this one is quite useful as it could give the lucky golfer who gets it – one coaching session a month for a whole year!

Twelve Golf Coaching Sessions


Want a gift voucher for group coaching instead?

Group Coaching Gift Voucher

Purchase up to 6 x 90 minute group coaching sessions for yourself or as a gift.



Now, in the unlikely event that you can’t find exactly what you are looking for – please contact me below and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Location Omanu Golf Club, 98 Matapihi Road, Mount Maunganui Phone 0272222073 (txt is ok) or at Omanu Golf Club Pro Shop (07) 575 5957 E-mail Hours Coaching Times: Monday - All Day, Tuesday - All Day, Wednesday - Morning, Thursday - Afternoon, Friday - Sometimes, Saturday - Afternoon, Sunday - Rarely.
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