How to find the ‘sweet spot’ on your golf putter



“The best stroked putt in a lifetime does not bring the aesthetic satisfaction of a perfectly hit wood or iron shot. There is nothing to match the whoosh and soar, the almost magical flight of a beautifully hit drive or 5-iron.”Al Barkow

By Ian Hardie

Most golfers that I have met over the years would tell you that their golf putter only has three parts – the grip, the shaft and the putter head

Now while that is the basic make-up of a golf putter – there are two other parts of your golf putter that are quite important when it comes to good putting

Which means that they are definitely worth knowing about!

Firstly, almost all putters these days have some markings on the head that are there to either help you line up your putts or simply to indicate where the ‘measured centre’ of the putter…

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