How are wooden golf tees made – part two?


sand tee1

“Whatever anyone may care to say about golf, at least one thing is mercifully certain, namely it is a voluntary affair.”Henry Longhurst

By Ian Hardie

In writing the post How are wooden golf tees made? I found out something about the history of the wooden golf tee

That I had absolutely no idea – had ever happened

I had always been aware that for the first 400 years or so of the game’s history that golfer’s had teed up their golf ball on little mounds made of mud or sand by either the golfer or their caddie to enable them to elevate the ball from the ground for their first shot on each hole played with a wooden club or driver

A process that I figure was somewhat of a nuisance at best and as you can see by the image above – which was my first attempt…

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