Fearless Golf by Dr Gio Valiante


fearless golf

“Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.”Sam Snead

Book review by Ian Hardie

This is the second book from Dr Gio Valiante – who according to the back of the book

Has become ‘the most successful sports psychologist on the PGA Tour’

I’m not sure how he can claim that when his client list is apparently made up of

Matt Kuchar, Justin Rose, Camilo Villegas, Vijay Singh and ‘many other pros’

But one thing I am aware of is that he did play a significant part in assisting

Justin Rose to win the 2013 US Open Championship

As well as playing a big part in the development of Matt Kuchar

Who was featured in Dr Gio Valiante’s first book – Golf Flow

Which was aimed at helping you ‘to harness your mind and focus your thoughts

So you can enter the elusive zone – known in psychological…

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