How to focus 100% on every golf shot you hit


great white

“Give me a man with big hands and big feet and no brains and I’ll make a golfer out of him.”

 Walter Hagen

By Ian Hardie

I’m going to begin this with a question that might make you feel a bit uncomfortable

Well to be fair, you probably won’t think anything much of it initially

As it’s the sort of question that we humans are good at answering almost automatically

With a blend of the socially accepted ‘right answer’ added to the perception

That your golfing ego would like to think is correct

Which means that the answer that you will almost instantly give to the question

Is one that will describe just how good you think you are at doing this thing

From an extremely positive point of view of your own skills

So you probably won’t start to feel uncomfortable about it

Until sometime later on…

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