Do you choke while playing golf?



“There’s more to it than people realise because I did have back issues that morning”Greg Norman offering an excuse for his famous final day flop at the 1996 US Masters

By Ian Hardie

In golf a ‘choke’ is most commonly described as the failure of a golfer

To win a tournament when they had been strongly favoured to do so

Due to either performing below their usual standard during the event

Or squandering a large lead in the later stages of the event

While there are many examples of top golf professionals doing that

In professional tournaments over the years like Greg Norman in the 1996 Masters

The most common occurrences of ‘choking’ happen to golfers who aren’t at that level

Golfers who could best be described as ‘average golfers’

I’m going to come back to why that is soon but first let’s take a look at Mr…

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