Do you have time to be become a tour pro?



“We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.”John F. Kennedy

By Ian Hardie

Over the years I have seen many extremely talented golfers

Who never really went much further than just being ‘a good young player’

Most often these players were good through their school years

But once they left school and got immersed in ‘the real world’

The potential they showed never got developed as well as it could have been

Quite frequently this occurred due to the fact that the players were unable to juggle

Work, family or community commitments with developing their golf game

Whereas for some it’s was the discovery of cars, alcohol and charms of the opposite sex

Something that a significant amount of golfers struggle with at the best of times

If you fit into that category of golfer, then regardless of your current age

I’ve got some good…

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