Taking the club straight back



“If most players took a fork to their mouths the way they take the club back, they’d starve to death.”Sam Snead

By Ian Hardie

Attempting to ‘Take the club straight back’ while hitting a golf shot

Is something that a lot of golfers are told to do by other golfers while playing

It’s most often given as advice ‘to stop a slice’ and according to the other golfers

Doing it should instantly improve their shots on the golf course

Unfortunately it’s just another one of the five ‘golden rules’

That most golfers think are helpful but in reality cause more bad golf shots than good

Collectively I refer to these ideas as ‘public information’ – the first three of which

I have already written about as they are the most common ones followed;

Keeping the head down, Keeping the head still and Keeping the left arm straight

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