Ball position in relation to your feet


ball position driver

“There are no absolutes in golf. Golf is such an individual game and no two people swing alike”Kathy Whitworth

By Ian Hardie

The spot that you position the golf ball in relation to your feet

Is a significant factor in determining not only how good your contact is

It can also massively dictate where your golf shots go

Or don’t go as is the case for a lot of golfers

Yet it’s something that most golfers either aren’t aware of or if they are

They seem to pay little attention to it

Most golfers’ heads seem to be so full of thoughts about swing theories, angles and planes

That where they position the golf ball in relation to their feet

Seems to be almost an afterthought at best

Which is a bit puzzling to me as something as simple

As changing the position of the ball in relation…

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