Outliers, the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell



“We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.”John F. Kennedy

By Ian Hardie

Some time back I read the book Outliers, The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell

In it he writes of a theory called the 10,000 hour rule

Which effectively states that people that succeed at something at a very high level

Invariably require about 10,000 hours of doing that thing consistently to get there

So this post could actually be relevant to another part of your life, not just your golf

But if you have ever had any thoughts of becoming a PGA Tour pro

You may want to pay special attention to what follows

I’m sure that if you are anything like me

As soon as you saw ‘10,000 hours’ you thought

‘Great, how am I supposed to fit that in around what I’m doing now?’

Because whatever it is that…

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