The golf lesson ‘Chicken or the egg debate’



“Don’t be too proud to take a lesson. I’m not.” Jack Nicklaus

By Ian Hardie

I happened to overhear a conversation about golf lessons a while back

That I thought I would share with you

Not because what was said was particularly useful

In fact the suggestion by the instigator of the conversation

Made absolutely no sense to me at all

The reason I wanted to share the conversation with you

Is because as I reflected about what was said afterwards

I realised that the thinking that generated the suggestion

May be more widespread than I imagined

Potentially not as destructive as the sort of bad advice given around the world everyday

That continues to twist golfers in knots by telling them to do things like;

Keep your head down, keep your head still or keep your left arm straight

But it’s still a line of thinking that…

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