‘Keeping the head down’ while playing golf


head down

“That is so simple to understand. What you are saying is so logical and I can feel that after doing those two exercises, putting the head down has got to be the exact opposite of what is needed”Pete Norman from the book ‘I could play golf when I first started’

By Ian Hardie

‘Keeping your head down’ is the great paradox of the game of golf

Those of us that teach the game know that it is possibly

The single most destructive piece of advice that golfers are given by other golfers

Yes read that bit again and make sure you understand it!

But the continual spreading of it from golfer to golfer on the golf course

Means that the resulting poor shots that golfers hit when they listen to it

Is what keeps a lot of pros in business teaching golf

Assuming the golfers don’t get so…

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