The 2013 Open Championship



“It would be very nice” – 49 year old Miguel Angel Jimenez after the 2nd round of the 2013 Open Championship about the possibility of getting his first major at this stage of his career

By Ian Hardie

Ordinarily the Open is one of those weeks in the year

That comprises an intense test of the golfer’s skills

Pitted against a fiendishly difficult course

While enduring the worst weather conditions

That Mother Nature can throw at them

This weeks 2013 Open at Muirfield is something different though

It’s been unusually sunny for a start

And for the first three rounds, the wind hasn’t been that strong

A gentle zephyr at best

Even though the rough looks menacing

It doesn’t seem that punishing

In fact with the exception of the many pot bunkers

The course looks to be one that if the golfers put their ball in play

Will allow…

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