Ever seen an advertisement like this on TV or in a golf magazine? - Ian Hardie Golf Coach

Ever seen an advertisement like this on TV or in a golf magazine?

“Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”Stephen Leacock

By Ian Hardie

The clubs you already own

A few lessons from a good golf teacher

Combined with some precise, logical practice

Will help you to

Hit the ball 15 yards further

10% more accurately

And reduce your handicap within 2 months

Have you ever seen an advertisement like that?

I bet you haven’t

And you’re not ever likely to

As the golf equipment companies around the world and their marketing machines have a vested interest in not telling you that

Their advertisements all say things like;

Hit the ball 20 yards further with our new improved golf club

18% longer than other similar clubs

Longest driver on the market

Best golf club ever……….

And most golfers are happy to be influenced by the products advertised by the golf companies


It’s the “Combined with some precise, logical practice’ part that turns most golfers off.

As for most golfers – practice isn’t much fun

Considering also – that most golfers are after a quick fix – if something goes wrong with their golf

And that as humans we generally look to blame poor performance on external things

Rather than our own shortcomings or lack of skill.

It’s been simple for the golf companies to convince us over time with their advertising

That in order to improve we need to:

Buy a new driver

Buy an entirely new set of clubs

Buy or download and watch a video

Buy a magical swing improving gadget

Buy a new wedge or even a hybrid

Seem familiar?

But even though for the last 80 years or so we have had an entire industry devoted to golf products that economically is worth billions of dollars world wide

With thousands of people working to make better and easier to use golf equipment

Which without a doubt is far superior to the equipment of the past

As well as all the gadgets and other stuff out there

The average handicap for golfers is not improving

In fact it looks to me like the average golf handicap is getting higher – not lower.

Which doesn’t make any sense.

I found a clue to why this is happening in one of my earlier posts called Play or practice

‘On the one hand, the only reason most of us play golf – is that oddly enough – we like playing golf. We like the game, hitting the shots, solving the problems as to which club to hit, holing that chip shot or birdie putt, the camaraderie of the other golfers we play with, the fresh air – the list goes on and on.

Most of us don’t keep going back to play golf because we like practicing, it’s all about playing the game, putting together a score and ultimately putting together your best score.

On the other hand though all of us who have played for some time know that to improve our performance while playing, we need to spend time on the practice area refining what we have, checking the basics of our actions, adjusting our pre shot routines, working on that shot that didn’t go so well last week.’

We are going to be exploring practice a lot more over the next year

As to me, part of the reason most golfers don’t do it

Is that when they have tried practicing in the past

Their results haven’t changed

I’m not surprised at this as most golfers think practice is a single activity

Which generally means just hitting a lot of balls

In reality – the term practice – has at least a dozen different aspects to it

Which means we can explore

One aspect of practicing a month – during 2013

(which you can find by clicking here then finding the words ‘golf practice’ on the category cloud)

Play well

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