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Ian is pleased to announce that Edufii has arrived!

What is edufii?

It’s an online or mobile app that is a cross between Facebook, Dropbox and Youtube that allows you to have one on one private communication with your coach depending on your level of coaching.

And it won’t cost you a thing!

During most of Ian’s coaching sessions from now on he will use Edufii to record important points, then afterwards he will be able to share notes and track your progress – you will even be able to ask him questions directly using your personal edufii page.

When you are first invited onto it, there will be a short video (and a couple of other bonuses) from Ian waiting for you on your personal edufii page which will help to explain how to use this extremely useful coaching tool.

What your definition of ‘fair use’ when it comes to the edufii app?

It’s more about boundaries really as I don’t mind how many questions a student asks as long as they are learning – the one big rule I have is to respect personal and time boundaries eg. if I’m having a few days off or you have a pressing question that popped into your head at 3am – don’t expect Ian to answer you until he is working – that’s fair enough right?

Click here to email me and find out more about edufii, txt or call me on 027 2222073, message me on Facebook or talk to Ian in the Omanu Proshop.

Buy Golf Lessons

You can now Buy Golf Lessons with me online – for either yourself or someone you know as a gift – which is an awesome idea you know!

The Golf Lessons can be purchased through a service I use called Gumroad – which will take a credit card payment, then give you access to a PDF download of whatever voucher you have purchased once you have your voucher downloaded, contact me directly to book your lessons (details are on the download)

Vouchers available from the Gumroad website:

One Golf Lesson $75          

Two Golf Lessons $150 

Three Golf Lessons $200 (Save $25)

Six Golf Lessons $390 (Save$60)

Twelve Golf Lessons $760   (Save $140)     


Please note: All golfers get followed up regularly to ensure usage, especially those who have multi lessons about to expire. Some hours can be used as credits for other courses or programs that I run from time to time. Some packages can be shared with another golfer e.g. partners, two friends – if you want to know more about that – click here to email me.

Three, Six and Twelve Hour Coaching all come with personal edufii online coaching portal access (fair use applies) throughout the time you are taking your lessons.

Would you like to get a gift voucher for someone but aren’t quite sure what they would like or can’t see the amount you are looking to spend?

You can buy a gift voucher for any amount (which can be used towards any of my individual lessons, coaching, group coaching or courses) by emailing me here and I will create what you need (please note it may take a day or two).

Of course, as you can guess, I look forward to helping whoever it is with their golf!


I have written a few books (with more to come) that enable you to delve deeper into the game of golf.

Currently available:

Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book One (PDF and Paperback)

Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book Two (PDF and Paperback)

Simple Steps to Better Golf – Book Three (PDF and Paperback)

7 Common mistakes that almost all golfers make (PDF only)

The Little Book of Putting (PDF only)

The Little Book of Shanking (PDF and Paperback)

This is what Your First Golf Lesson should have been* (PDF only)

I could play golf when I first started* (Paperback only)

*The two books above have the same content – they are just different titles in different formats – one PDF and one paperback*

How to drive the golf ball as far as you possibly can (PDF and Paperback)


Due to be released soon (you can pre-order now):

The Little Book of Chipping (PDF only)

The Little Book of Pitching (PDF only)


You can click the link or the image below to find out more about or buy my books through my books website –

Ian Hardie Books .com



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